Cruise In Information for Mid coast Maine

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Time Wasters: stuff to keep you busy while we wait for the thaw!

 Here is some random stuff to do.


 Pacman- move with the arrow keys


Space Invaders- move with arrow keys and shoot with space bar



 Tetris- rotate blocks with the space bar to form complete lines across the screen.



 Line up three like Jewels by clicking on them


 Frogger- use the arrow keys to move the frog across traffic and a river

 Paintball- point and click with the mouse to hit all the smiley faces


Word Search:Hold down the mouse button and drag over words you find to circle them.




Pop all the bubbles by grouping three or more like colored bubbles before they reach the bottom. Point with the mouse and use the space bar to shoot.



 On this Day in History:

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Today's Random Quotes:

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 Gas Prices Across the Country:  


 Super Mario