Cruise In Information for Mid coast Maine

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Thinking of Dropping in?

We welcome everyone and anyone who wishes to visit! Please bring your car, truck, van, bike, big rig, a lawn chair to sit in and all of your family along. We ask that you follow a few simple suggestions to keep everyone involved happy and coming back for other cruise ins.

These cars cost their owners a lot. They have put their blood, sweat and tears into restoring them and have brought them out for our enjoyment. Please be respectful.

  •  Look with your eyes. Please DO NOT lean on, get in or otherwise touch any of the vehicles. This is a cardinal rule, we will ask you to leave if you choose not to follow it.
  • Keep a safe distance so your zippers, buttons, cameras, purses, etc. don't risk scratching the paint.
  • Please don't leave your children unattended.
  • Use trash facilities and otherwise respect the surrounding businesses so we are welcome back.
  • We try to maintain a family environment, please do your best to help us.
  • When in doubt about what is acceptable, ask the owner of the car!
  • ENJOY!